Taking care of the mental health of your employees is the key to comfort and high productivity.

Support your employees
Achieves productivity gains with a corporate well-being program
ROI for every dollar invested
Employees have shown improved results after psychotherapy

Why does business choose corporate therapy?


Results confirmed in science

Corporate therapy is associated with increased productivity and job satisfaction among employees


Usually, HR and business coaches do not have the professional and psychotherapeutic experience to correctly analyze the psychological state of an employee

Mental Barriers

Usually, the employee will not contact the specialist themselves and their productivity level will fall (especially, men's)

Positive company image

To have a corporate specialist is a developed international practice and an additional bonus for potential employees

Why does your company need therapists?

This will develop environmental communication in the team: a global report by the CPP Company informs that 85% of employees have experienced conflicts in the workplace to different extents, 29% of them are almost always in conflict.

Our therapists will help build healthy communication between employees and take the edge off tension in the team.

83% of employees suffer from work-related stress

Depressive thoughts
Mood swing
Lack of motivation

Only 15% of candidates join our team


Verified education and work experience

We meticulously verify the education and work experience of our specialists. Mandatory qualifications include a higher education in the field of "Psychology" and additional courses in specialized psychotherapy.

Each mental health therapist on our team possesses a minimum of 3 years of practical experience, offering invaluable practical insights that transcend theoretical knowledge



We conduct interviews to assess professionalism and adherence to the ethical standards of our candidates

Our thorough evaluation includes the verification of successful cases and practices


Enhancing qualifications

Our therapists regularly engage in supervision, personal psychotherapy, and ongoing professional development through additional courses in their respective fields

The pleso platform from an employee's perspective

01Take the test

Take the test

Fill out the form on our website and find the perfect therapist for you. Our unique assessment gathers crucial data for personalized selection, helping you gain deeper insights into your concerns. Moreover, you receive instant results without any waiting
02Find your therapist

Find your therapist

Access comprehensive information on each mental health therapist through their personal pages, including diplomas, video interviews, work and study experience, and other relevant materials, which will help you make an informed decision
03Book a session

Book a session

Book your session directly on the personal page of your chosen therapist. Select a convenient time without waiting for customer service responses. Additionally, you can easily make payment for the session using LiqPay
04Enhance your well-being

Enhance your well-being

Receive a session link immediately after payment. Follow the link, and our therapist will be ready to assist you :)

work features

Payment upon completion

You pay directly only for those sessions that took place during the agreed period of time

Various support options

We offer the possibility of full or partial coverage of the session cost, a limit on the number of available sessions per month/year for an employee, as well as a limit on booking sessions by corporate mail

Official cooperation

We cooperate with LLCs, individual entrepreneurs (FOPs) and foreign companies, and also have a branch in Poland and provide Polish and English services through our legal entity in Europe

Emphasis on Individual Psychotherapy

Firstly, pleso is a B2C product, so we are constantly improving by listening to our customers' individual requests

A large staff of psychotherapists

A large number of professionals specializing in various methods and having slots available in many time zones


All the best psychotherapists of Ukraine on one platform. Spend time and resources taking care of your employees' mental health, not seeking out therapists you're not sure about

You can rely on us

All our therapists maintain a doctor-patient confidentiality and sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

We work online

A computer and the Internet are all you need to change your life for the better

Individual specialist selection for each employee

A high-precision algorithm will select the most suitable psychotherapist for each employee. If none of the specialists selected by the algorithm suits you, our expert will select a psychotherapist for youin manual way.

and participants

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