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Psychotherapy will help you to

Find peace of mind and say goodbye to anxiety

Find peace of mind and say goodbye to anxiety

Build healthy relationships and learn to protect your own boundaries

Build healthy relationships and learn to protect your own boundaries

Find motivation and beat procrastination

Find motivation and beat procrastination

Accept yourself and leave self-judgment behind

Accept yourself and leave self-judgment behind

Come up with сareer aspirations and live your own life, not someone else's

Come up with сareer aspirations and live your own life, not someone else's

Go through life changes and don't succumb to stress

Go through life changes and don't succumb to stress

What makes pleso unique?

01Take the test

Take the test

Fill out the form on our website and find the perfect therapist for you. Our unique assessment gathers crucial data for personalized selection, helping you gain deeper insights into your concerns. Moreover, you receive instant results without any waiting
02Find your therapist

Find your therapist

Access comprehensive information on each mental health therapist through their personal pages, including diplomas, video interviews, work and study experience, and other relevant materials, which will help you make an informed decision
03Book a session

Book a session

Book your session directly on the personal page of your chosen therapist. Select a convenient time without waiting for customer service responses. Additionally, you can easily make payment for the session using LiqPay
04Enhance your well-being

Enhance your well-being

Receive a session link immediately after payment. Follow the link, and our therapist will be ready to assist you :)

Only 15% of candidates join our team


Verified education and work experience

We meticulously verify the education and work experience of our specialists. Mandatory qualifications include a higher education in the field of "Psychology" and additional courses in specialized psychotherapy.

Each mental health therapist on our team possesses a minimum of 3 years of practical experience, offering invaluable practical insights that transcend theoretical knowledge



We conduct interviews to assess professionalism and adherence to the ethical standards of our candidates

Our thorough evaluation includes the verification of successful cases and practices


Enhancing qualifications

Our therapists regularly engage in supervision, personal psychotherapy, and ongoing professional development through additional courses in their respective fields

Psychotherapy is OK

Online psychotherapy has proven to be effective, acceptable, and practical, as supported by numerous recent studies. Personally working online, I ensure my clients comprehend the benefits of this format. The accessibility, convenience, and flexibility, allowing sessions to be scheduled even during work, align perfectly with modern lifestyles. We offer guidance on organizing the online format to fully meet therapeutic needs and are confident that our Platform makes online psychotherapy a comfortable and effective process for everyone.

Co-founder of pleso and Chief Therapist

A helpful therapist

A therapist is not just a professional but also a friend and a lifesaver. Through psychotherapy, you can enhance your quality of life and address longstanding issues, ranging from anxiety and depression to apathy and low self-esteem

A verified therapist

Our mental health therapists are meticulously verified professionals. We prioritize their experience and qualifications, exclusively collaborating with individuals holding higher education and receiving recommendations from our colleagues. On average, our specialists have over seven years of counseling experience

An understanding therapist

A therapist is here to listen without judgment. You can freely discuss important topics, knowing that therapy sessions are strictly confidential, ensuring the security of your data

A convenient therapist

A therapy session with our mental health therapists is designed for your convenience. We operate exclusively online using an embedded and secure video system. No need to download special programs – just follow the link on your computer or phone, and your therapy session begins. Say goodbye to spending hours on the road to reach the therapist's office

A therapist for everyone

Our specialists are here for everyone. We offer a broad spectrum of therapy methods such as transactional analysis, CBT, Gestalt therapy, and more. Our services extend to married couples, veterans, and the LGBT community, ensuring inclusive and personalized support

An experienced therapist

With years of consulting experience, mental health therapists have the insight to grasp the full picture and ask the right questions to guide you toward finding answers